Two-fer Tuesday

Today, I present to you two beautiful, yet sad poems of lost love: the first of a person, the second of an animal companion. Both losses rend our hearts and these two poets express that heartbreak while celebrating the relationship that came before. Indeed, it is the beauty of the relationship that leads to such sorrow at the loss.

“The Pact” by Victoria Redel

“Stop All the Clocks” (sometimes called “Funeral Blues”) by W. H. Auden (This poem was used in the 1994 film Four Weddings and a Funeral.)

In our school’s Poetry Madness competition, these two poems go head-to-head today, and it’s a tough choice. Which would you choose to move on to the next round? Comment below. Let me know what you think.

PAD 11: Prime Number

I’m a day behind now, but still poeming. I had a hard time with yesterday’s prompt of a prime number. Nothing was coming to mind, but today, we returned to the school building for the next phase of hybrid learning, so I asked one of the math teachers to talk to me about prime numbers. I, of course, knew what they are, but I needed more insight. So, thank you Peter for talking to me about why we teach prime numbers and what they do. By the end of the day, the prime numbers churned enough to produce this love poem to my hubby.


In mathematics,

Prime numbers are

A method of categorization.

In the system of division,

Knowing a number is prime

Let’s you know to look no further;

A number divisible by eight is

Also divisible by four and by two,


If a number is divisible by seven,

That’s it.

It stops.

Those two numbers: seven and …

Are a couple,


Together forever,

Like you and me;

You are my seven. 

PAD 9: Persona (of an inanimate object)

I sit here patiently,

Waiting for you to return—

Feeling tossed aside:

On the nightstand,

On the coffee table,

In the dark, cramped quarters of your bag.

Come back,

I have worlds for you to explore,

Lives to live,

Characters to befriend.

Just open my cover,

Turn the page and 


I’ll be waiting to start it all again

With you.

PAD 5: The First (Blank)

I struggled finding the way to fill in the blank for today’s prompt; I have often found the (blank) poems difficult. Then, it was time to bite into the chocolate bunny and it was just sooooo good. It was almost just a poem about that, but then I thought, “What else is that good?” Love.


The first bite into the 

Dark chocolate Easter bunny is a moment 

Of pure bliss:

The press of the teeth into the solid ears

Giving way to the bittersweet burst

Of this savory sweet

Followed by the silky smooth blanket

Of the melting confection on my tongue

Slides into my soul like

The way your hand slides into mine

At the end of the night

Leading me home. 

Love Talk

Some say kisses are the flowers of affection,
Adding delicate details to your world of love,
Bright colors and showy plumes calling
Attention to your love like bouquet centerpieces;
They adorn the tables at the wedding banquet,
And the guests ooh and ahh at first,
Then push them aside
For obstructing the view and hindering

The flowers are lovely, but never forget the roots.
Keep them well watered if you want your love to flow.