PAD 28

How can a smell be warm?

Or welcoming? or comforting?

Or loving?

But on a rainy Saturday morning,

When you are snuggled up

Under the covers

Stretching awake, yet

Reluctant to get out of bed,

That first cup of coffee

Brought to you in bed

By your sweetheart

Smells like love.


(PAD 28 prompt: write a smell poem. Help me title this one!)


PAD 14: Quality Time

The implication is that quality

Transcends quantity.

Why go for a lot

When you can go for the best?

But when, really,

Did quality and quantity

Become enemies?

I want a quantity of

Quality time

With you.


(PAD prompt for April 14, 2017: Pick a popular saying, make it the title of your poem, and go.)

PAD 25: Love in the Doldrums 

Love’s first flush

Excites the spirit,

And passion ignited

Burns bright and hot;

Reignited, rekindled it

Stirs old blood to 

New or forgotten desire. 

But love in the doldrums

Is sweetest. 

A hand held 

Sitting on a couch

Watching dumb TV


A kind word

An open ear,

Comfort, safety,


Certain too that

The fever will return, 

But in between is 

Not absence, but 


Staircase of Love


Today’s prompt is “______ to Love.”  I could tell you what inspired it, but I think today, I’ll let the poem speak for itself.

Staircase to Love

As I climb the stairs, heading up to our room,

I’m huffing and puffing;

I wish I had taken the elevator.

But I know, that this is better, healthier.

My heart races, and my quads burn.

Sometimes I think, “This is no fun.”

But in the end, I am better because of it.

My heart is healthy and full

When I reach our space and

Rest with you.

Red sky

Red skies bring delight or warning 

So the old sailor’s ditty says, 

But to we land lubbers, what portents wait

In the crimson and vermillion hues 

Of a majestically painted sky?

Does the heart  warm at the prospect

Of love on the horizon,  or bleed 

From love’s wounds? Perhaps,  just,

Perhaps, the long path 

The light takes to our eyes in the evening

Is  just a hint of all the beauty we

Cannot see 

And of the light that connects us all

From coast to coast,

Person to person,

Life to life. 

PAD 26: How Do I Describe Our Love?

Tuesday’s prompt was another two-fer: write a love poem or an anti-love poem. Here’s one for my love.

How Do I Describe Our Love?

I need a new metaphor for love.
The old ones have either been
Done to perfection or
Hackneyed to death.
How do I describe our love?
The comfort and the excitement,
The surety it’s there,  even when we disagree,
How do I describe our love?
The unspoken understanding,
The voiced words of love,
Even the misunderstandings and how we work our way out of them.
How do I describe our love?
The way your hand finds mine under the covers
And our fingers intertwine
When you come home late from a long day of driving.

PAD 29: What Nobody Knows

Today’s prompt is to write a poem about what nobody knows.


What nobody knows is

How magic happens. Where

Does it come from? When

Will it strike? With what

Intensity will it burn? How

Did it start? How do you

Harness it? But,

What everyone knows is

That magic is real.

You feel it; it crackles and shines

When love enters your life.

His kisses cast a spell, but there’s more.

Holding hands conjures warmth and safety.

Years later even simple pleasures,

As simple as watching TV together,

Continue to summon satisfaction.

This magic is electric, enchanting,

Otherworldly, and world building, but also

Subtle, and lasting, and



PAD 28: Matter/Anti-Matter

It’s the last two-fer Tuesday of the month. Today prompts are matter (what things are made of) or anti-matter. I went with the former.

What Things Are Made Of


It matters, you know,

What things are made of.

Is the sweater acrylic? Or Wool?

The dryer cycle will let you know

If you don’t already,

But it matters, what things are made of.

It matters, too, if the gold

On the edge of the plate is paint

Or real. Will it create a spark, a fire

In the microwave, or not?

And what about you?

What are you made of?

Do you believe what you tell me,

Or do you tell me what you think

I believe?

Are we real to each other? Or

Just visions of what we think

The other believes real?

I will come clean.

I will be true.

What am I made of?

Catholicism, Literature, Art,

Music, Writing, Family,

Books, Yarn, Crochet, Sewing…

But most of all, I am made of

You and me…

And our baby, our kitty, our Leo.

I am made of our family,

As we define it.

PAD 9: Work

Today’s prompt is work. This was a little tough for me when I first read the prompt because for April 6’s prompt of things are not what they seem, I focused on working through vacation, as most teachers do. I felt as if I had already addressed this prompt. But, in the spirit of Poem a Day, I knew I had to write something new today, something different. So here is my offering, a little poem on doing what you love.

Do What You Love

What happens when

Play becomes work?

Do you love what you do?

Or begin to dread what

You loved?

Is a passion made


A passion still,

Or does it become a duty?

Don’t get me wrong-

You should “love” what you do.

Choose a profession that



Speaks to you


You feel is worthwhile.


We all dream of playing

And being paid.

Sports, of course, but

Other pursuits as well.

Could I read books for a living?

Of course!

But then, I’d have to edit them,

Or review them. There’d

Still be deadlines.

Would that deaden the joy

Of reading?

Could I crochet or sew,

Create scarves and blankets and purses?

Yes! But, there’d

Still be the website to set up,

The customers to woo,

The packages to mail.

Would that lessen the relaxation and delight

Of creation?

Could I write for a living?

Would anyone publish it,

Would anyone read it?

Would I be able to buy groceries,

And cable, and Internet,

So I could procrastinate my time

Away from writing for a living?