PAD 22: Star Song

I missed yesterday’s poem. It was a long day at work, followed by a long night with friends. But, here I am to make it up. The prompt is to take the phrase “Star (Blank),” and fill in the blank. This is the title to the poem. Go. I was still mourning Prince as I wrote this poem, I think, though the tribute is less direct than Thursday’s poem.

Star Song


A new light glows

In the sky tonight.

The sun sets and

The sky reflects

Purples, raspberry, and mauve,

And the heavens reverberate

With the trepidation of the spheres

As this innovative entity joins

The ethereal, euphonious ensemble.


The day ends, but

The song never stops.

That, he left with us.

PAD 21: Tonight, Doves Cry

Today’s prompt is to respond to (or communicate with) another poem. In light of the death of Prince today, I chose his song “When Doves Cry” to respond to. Rest in peace, Prince.

Tonight, Doves Cry


The world is sadder tonight

As it rains purple tears.


How could you leave us standing here?


But not alone in the world.

You left us with your words, your music,

Your art.


Yet, we are not satisfied.

Perhaps we are too demanding, but

We wish you here instead of having

Joined that illustrious celestial band.