All morning I’ve been procrastinating. I should be writing. I know it. I want it. But for some reason, I don’t do it! I was crocheting, grooming the cat, making myself a smoothie, Facebooking, and watching TV. Not very productive. Well, except for the crocheting and grooming the cat, he needed it and mostly enjoyed it. Looking around the apartment, I also saw a million things that needed to be done, so I did what any self-respecting writer should do in a time like this; I ran away.

Okay, so I only walked up the block to the new Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters that opened on the corner, but it’s out of the house. I haven’t been here before, but I like the ambiance right away; not too loud, nor too quiet. I may have to rethink my seat as by the window on this sunny day may be too bright, but so far, all is good. Now I have a latte, my Chromebook, my notebook, and I’m good to go. If I get a good amount written in the next two hours, I may treat myself to a beer before I go. Who knew that Bean & Bean serves beer and wine too! (Then again, I probably won’t. I want to go to the gym later. Can you go to the gym after a beer?)

Wish me luck in working the story on the docket today. I hope you each have found yourself a good space to work as well.



PAD 10: How —-

Today’s prompt is to write a “How—-” poem. Start with How and finish the phrase as your title. Then, go. The idea can be a How to or a How did I get here or anything else that starts with How. I decided to be a little humorous about the whole PAD Challenge with my poem today. I hope you enjoy it.

How to Write a Poem a Day

Get up early.

Turn on the coffee pot.

Turn on the computer.

Wait while the ancient computer warms up.

Do some back exercises before

Sitting down at your desk.

Check the blog that delivers

Your prompt for the day.


Make a cup of coffee.

Feed the cat.

Take out a pencil and

A fresh pad of paper.

Doodle squares and curly-ques.

Get up from the desk;

Go to the gym to “work out”

Your ideas and your abs.

Come home; make lunch.

Fire up the computer, again.

Check Facebook. Check your email.

Read the prompt again.

Start to type “How to Write a Poem a Day”

Walk away when the computer freezes.

Do some laundry.

Call Mom.

Make plans for Sunday.

Get the mail.

Make more coffee while your ideas


Go to the grocery store.

Make dinner.

Watch TV.

Check Facebook again; check email again.

Send three emails; post two cat memes.

Feed the cat again.

Clean the litter box.

Notice that it is now 11:45pm.

Write the poem

And post it to the blog

With one minute to spare.

PAD 9: Work

Today’s prompt is work. This was a little tough for me when I first read the prompt because for April 6’s prompt of things are not what they seem, I focused on working through vacation, as most teachers do. I felt as if I had already addressed this prompt. But, in the spirit of Poem a Day, I knew I had to write something new today, something different. So here is my offering, a little poem on doing what you love.

Do What You Love

What happens when

Play becomes work?

Do you love what you do?

Or begin to dread what

You loved?

Is a passion made


A passion still,

Or does it become a duty?

Don’t get me wrong-

You should “love” what you do.

Choose a profession that



Speaks to you


You feel is worthwhile.


We all dream of playing

And being paid.

Sports, of course, but

Other pursuits as well.

Could I read books for a living?

Of course!

But then, I’d have to edit them,

Or review them. There’d

Still be deadlines.

Would that deaden the joy

Of reading?

Could I crochet or sew,

Create scarves and blankets and purses?

Yes! But, there’d

Still be the website to set up,

The customers to woo,

The packages to mail.

Would that lessen the relaxation and delight

Of creation?

Could I write for a living?

Would anyone publish it,

Would anyone read it?

Would I be able to buy groceries,

And cable, and Internet,

So I could procrastinate my time

Away from writing for a living?