PAD April 2021, Day 1

National Poetry Month has begun! And with it come Writer’s Digest‘s Poem-a-Day challenge. Last year, with the recent transition to teaching from home, I was too caught up in my students’ well-being and converting my lessons to digital format as well as devising new lessons for this new era. Participating in PAD was not in the cards. But this year, I’m back at trying my hand again at the PAD challenge. So far, so good. One day, one poem. Today’s prompt is to write an introduction poem; here’s my attempt.

In a well-written essay the introduction

Answers the prompt

Directly and specifically with

A Universal Truth.

The body follows

Providing evidence of the veracity of 

The introduction’s assertion; 

The stories and explanations all 

Support and expand upon

The introduction’s premise.

Yet, in people, it is the body that

Speaks the Truth

And betrays our words with 

Sidelong glances and fidgeting fingers

When we introduce ourselves as something other than

What we are.

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